Thursday, 16 April 2015

April's Little Fictions

Penny and MC Adam Norris with the Story Line.
Above is our wonderful Story Line, a carousel  that spins and spins for one lucky punter to choose a book and CD to take home. April's Little Fiction on the 13th was graced with three of Spineless Wonders' distinguished authors: Jen Craig from Sydney, Claire Aman and her family from Grafton
Claire Aman, author of What I Didnt Say at the Wedding, and the reader, Eleni Schumacher.
and Sylvia Petter dropped in on her way home to Vienna, Austria, bringing with her a friend, Suzanna, from Canberra.
Eleni Schumacher and Sylvia Petter
Our voodoo is working, our audiences are being drawn in from all over. 
See how well the voodoo is working?

The night as usual was warm and fuzzy with excellent stories read by a talented team of actors.  There was a bit of a divide in this month's readings, veering from the laugh out loud funny: Alex Williams reading Slade Quinn's Kurt and the Interview and Ross Geller Man, Lauren Williams reading Jon Steiner's How to Install,  and Ella Russell Watson reading Libby Chellew's Hard Knots, to the politics of class and money with Tim McGarry reading Mark O'Flynn's Loaded Dice, to a few serious pieces where we had a chance to reflect on our mortality, Tim reading Susan McCreery's Lights and Lauren reading Cameron Semmen's I Saw a Man Die. All in the name of literature of course, listening to fine writing.

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