Thursday 16 April 2015

Little Fictions at the Sydney Writers Festival, May 18, 2015

Little Fictions is proud to be part of the Sydney Writers Festival this year. You can join us on May 18, at the Knox St Bar in Chippendale, the show starts at 7pm, the bar is open from 5.30pm for food and drinks.

The admission price for the Sydney Writers Festival event is $10. And from this time on, the admission price will remain at $10 for every Little Fictions show. All the money from the show goes to our hard working actors who give their time and energy to making it the wonderful event that is Little Fictions.

April's Little Fictions

Penny and MC Adam Norris with the Story Line.
Above is our wonderful Story Line, a carousel  that spins and spins for one lucky punter to choose a book and CD to take home. April's Little Fiction on the 13th was graced with three of Spineless Wonders' distinguished authors: Jen Craig from Sydney, Claire Aman and her family from Grafton
Claire Aman, author of What I Didnt Say at the Wedding, and the reader, Eleni Schumacher.
and Sylvia Petter dropped in on her way home to Vienna, Austria, bringing with her a friend, Suzanna, from Canberra.
Eleni Schumacher and Sylvia Petter
Our voodoo is working, our audiences are being drawn in from all over. 
See how well the voodoo is working?

The night as usual was warm and fuzzy with excellent stories read by a talented team of actors.  There was a bit of a divide in this month's readings, veering from the laugh out loud funny: Alex Williams reading Slade Quinn's Kurt and the Interview and Ross Geller Man, Lauren Williams reading Jon Steiner's How to Install,  and Ella Russell Watson reading Libby Chellew's Hard Knots, to the politics of class and money with Tim McGarry reading Mark O'Flynn's Loaded Dice, to a few serious pieces where we had a chance to reflect on our mortality, Tim reading Susan McCreery's Lights and Lauren reading Cameron Semmen's I Saw a Man Die. All in the name of literature of course, listening to fine writing.

Thursday 2 April 2015

Little Fictions and the Sydney Writers Festival.

Little Fictions and Spineless Wonders are delighted to have an event in the Sydney Writers Festival program. In recognition, we are having two Little Fiction nights in May at the The Knox St Bar.

The first will be our usual second Monday of the month, the 11th May, usual time, usual place with all the accompaniments, food, wine, fun and $5 entry, and you know the proceeds go to the actors in recognition of their time and effort. Geoff Bartlett will be joining us for this session reading for Tim McGarry who is away in Melbourne at a conference.

On the 18th May, the third Monday of the month will be the Writers Festival event.

$10 tickets are available at the door, no bookings. The show starts at 7pm, the bar is open for food and drink from 5.30pm, so you can come early, get a great spot, eat, drink, chat with friends.

Sydney Writers Festival event page for Little Fictions.

Sunday 22 March 2015

April 13th Little Fictions. 7pm. $5 entry. Food Drink

March Little Fictions was amazing, 60 people watched the usual fabulous performances from the actors. We said farewll to Cait Harris, she is going back to the States for a while, and we welcomed a new face, Ella Watson-Russell recently relocated from Darwin to Sydney.

April promises to be much the same. Is it difficult for people to watch entertaining shows at Little Fictions month after month? I keep saying their great, their amazing, and they always are, so if you have been to Litle Fictions before you know its good, and if you are thinking of coming along, you know you are in for an entertaining evening, not too late home, good food, wine, beer, cider. What more could you want, except knowing you are be going to be for a top knotch night for $5.00, and all proceeds go to the actors and Laura on the front desk, in recognition of their time and effort.

Come, join us, bask in the glow of short Australian literary pieces in a convivial atmosphere. Knox St bar, Sheperd St, Chippendale .KNOX+STREET+BAR/@-3

This is the line up:

      Alex Williams reading Patrick Lenton's Ross Geller Man and  Slade Quinn's Kurt and the Interview.

 Ella Watson-Russell  is reading Libby Chellew's Hard Knots and Mark Smith's The Meteorologist's Daughter.

 Eleni Schumacher is reading Clare Aman's What I Didn't Put In My Speech and Sylvia Petter's Just Lunch. 

Tim McGarry is reading Mark O'Flynn's Loaded Dice and Sue McCreery's Lights.

  Lauren Neill is reading Cameron Semmens' I Saw a Man Die and Jon Steiner's How to Install

Friday 27 February 2015

Little Fictions March 9, 2015

Little Fictions is on again on the 9th March, 2015 at the Knox St Bar Chippendale. The usual line-up of great authors, great actors, a great crowd and good food and winde from the boys at the food truck and bar.

This month,  Lauren Hamilton Neill is reading an extract from Pam Newton’s spooky tale of The Local, the pub at the mouth of a valley that sees city slickers come and leave faster than the publican can wash glasses. You will never consider a tree change after hearing this story. from the Great Unknown. Lauren is also reading Clare McHugh’s Briefly, a truly funny piece on the brief Small Wonders authors were given to write short pieces. Will crack you up. Tim McGarry is reading the spine chilling Croc by Pierz Newton John. Pierz's story is informed by his time as a psychotherapist working with jail inmates, and Tim is also reading the beautiful reflective 800 word piece by Charles D'Anastasi called Madame Bovary about a man sitting in a poetry reading and reflecting back on that famous tragic story, Eleni Schumacher is reading from Jen Craig's about-to-be-released book, Panthers and the Museum of Fire. Be among the first to hear from this rivetting new book and she is reading a short piece by Richard Holt, the man behind Flashing the Square at Melbourne Writers Festival, called The Swimmer. Cait Harris is reading one serious piece, an extract from Jane Skelton's Cradle Arms of Strangers and will give us another of her delightful comic pieces reading Mary Manning's Customer Care. And Alex Williams is reading an extract from Alec Patric's The Rattler, a chapter called The Rogue Tram about a man and his hairdresser plus Jo Langdon's Pause, a reflective piece on children and the influence of their father.

A wonderful night of entertainment, camaraderie and laughter. Come along, bring your friends and have a laugh, scare yourself silly, listening to some of the best short pieces by Australian authors.


Tuesday 20 December 2011


Actors reading Spineless Wonders stories.

"A reliably enchanting event ... closer to New York's Selected Shorts than anything else in Australia." (Jennifer Mills, Overland fiction editor) 


Next performance is Monday 9 February, 2015

Please come along and bring your friends.

  Now starting at 7pm sharp at The Knox St Bar, Chippendale.  

Entry $5.00. 
All proceeds go to the artists. 

Drinks & food available at the bar from 5.30pm
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