Ashton Malcolm 

Holly Myers

"Thanks for a great night of stories. Terrific energy and some great conversation pieces in the acting and the stories. Great to see these sorts of things kicking off in Adelaide. Keep em coming."

"Standing room only at The Wheaty. Loved it! What a great night it was, too. Can't wait for the next one."
Craig Behenna 

“Went to a fabulous event last night: pub + short stories + actors. What a genius combination! Well done to Spineless Wonders's to many more nights of entertaining storytelling.”

Felicity Davies

"Great night! Great talent!"

"Thanks for another wonderful evening of tall stories!"
Kerry Reid

Patrick Frost
“Hi Spineless! Congratulations on a great night filled with entertaining and engaging stories. The actors brought fresh life to the stories, giving the characters dimensions I wouldn't have felt if I'd read them on the page.”

"Brilliant night. Thanks so much."

Sasha Louise

Stephen Sheehan 
"What a great idea. I love being read to. Good work Spineless Wonders."

John Oliver Band

Hew Parham

Indigo Eli

"Such a great idea, had a fabulous time at your last gig, really inspiring ... Awesome job to keep pushing forward with something so unique for us Aussies!"

Nick Garsden
Tamara Lee
Emma Beech
G S Partington

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